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You can subscribe online to Webcamconsult service

The service Webcamconsult is offered as a subscription.   Below you can choose from five standard quarter subscriptions which you can order online and pay for it. The monthly rates are depending on number of users (= consultant), there are no further costs, e.g. for time of useage. Prices are exclusive of VAT. At the end of the 3 month period you will automatically receive a message from us asking whether you wish to renew the subscription.

You can request a quote

In addition to the standard online subscriptions, we also can offer you tailored services. E.g. it is possible to subscribe for any number of users (consultants or treating physicians) and every period you want to include in a subscription, where the monthly rates per user vary depending on volume. Also possible: special customization. e.g. house style template design or llink to your CRM or EPD, ERP system. It is also possible to have a service level agreement (SLA). If you have any questions or custom wishes, please contact us.

Webcamconsult 1
1 consulting room
3 months subscription
€ 24.95 per month
Webcamconsult 5
5 consulting rooms
3 months subscription
€ 99.75 per month
Webcamconsult 2
2 consulting rooms
3 months subscription
€ 45.90 per month
Webcamconsult 10
10 consulting rooms
3 months subscription
€ 179.50 per month
Webcamconsult 3
3 consulting rooms
3 months subscription
€ 65.25 per month

System requirements

Windows, Mac:

Installed webcam, recent drivers. Newest browser versions of Chrome or Mozilla Firefox v22. IE explorer 10 and up: you will be offered a plgugin.

iPads and iPhones:

iPhone 4S / 5 /5S, iPod Touch 5+, iPad 2 / 3 / 4 / Mini/ Air, IOS 5 or higher

Tablets and smartphones on Android:

Android 4.0+ on smartphone/tablet with webcam.


For use in hospitals, offices you need to make sure that network firewalls are set correctly, i.e. port 443 and UDP 3478 are needed. Port 443 is used for encryption through https, but UDP 3478 should be opened by your ICT administrator. In most cases it will be possible to getpeer2peer connection through port 443,  but if not the system will try to connect through UDP 3478.

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