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My webcam doesn't work

Webcam doesn't work

It can sometimes happen that your webcam does not work. In the case of Windows computers this will have to do with the fact that the webcam is blocked by something. Check if there is a window open somewhere from an application (e.g. Teams or Zoom) that you have used before. You can also check via task manager (hold down Ctrl-Shift-esc keys simultaneously) whether an application is active that is occupying the webcam and whether the microphone is busy. Check the Microsoft support page about webcam settings on Windows 10:

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Integration: API

If you want to integrate the Webcamconsult service, you can use our API. You can easily exchange data regarding clients, practitioners and appointments.

Information for patients/clients

It is important that you give instructions to your patients or clients regarding the steps they have to take for a webcam consultation. Please feel free to use this document.

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