Intermediate version update October 1 2021

Service Announcements
The service announcements, or the functionality to display real-time messages in the waiting room, has been expanded. It is now also possible to display an announcement for departmental appointments. In addition, it is possible to set an expiration date for a service announcement. After this expiry date, the communication will still be saved, but will no longer be displayed. In addition, a button has been added to delete all announcements at once.

Default e-mails
Settings functionality of e-mails in relation to departments has been completely renewed. It is now possible to provide all departments with their e-mail templates with a few sets.
These can be set and assigned dynamically. Each department can have its own e-mail set. But it is also possible to control multiple departments with a few sets.
Finally, it is easy to search and filter on e-mail sets. These can also be easily created and deleted.
We ensure that existing settings are automatically converted to the new system: the current settings per department are converted to e-mail sets and linked. Organization administrators should not notice this.

Dutch documentation

English documentation

Version update July 16 2021

It contains the following new functionalities and / or changes:

  1. Invitations and reminders now include SMS
  2. Expansion video settings, including the possibility to blur or replace the background
  3. Upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6 (update framework). Improved security and memory with the added advantage; more speed
  4. Update Webcamconsult iOS app is necessary!
  5. Error messages and API
  6. Specific points for administrators
  7. Specific points for developers

We have compiled documentation for users explaining what changes in usage.


1. Invitations and reminders

Add a text message reminder to a client or patient's appointment. He or she will then receive a notification of this appointment in time via text message. The message includes the link to the virtual waiting room, which can be accessed directly from the smartphone. This feature is optional (mail us for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

2. Expansion video options and settings

By monitoring the connections and increasing the setting options, the stability of the video connections has been further improved.
At the start of a video consultation or video call appointment, the left side of the screen opens the possibility to set personal preferences:

● Selection option for webcam and microphone
● Image and sound control and a possibility to test the image of the practitioner

During the start-up of a webcam consultation, the users are actively supported in setting up a webcam consultation.

● Check network speeds in real time
● Set the background of the virtual consultation room:

  • blurring of background
  • choose background image

3. Update framework

We have grown over the past year with tens of thousands of users (and millions of video call minutes). To keep this growth on track, an upgrade of our database was necessary.

For the techies, the entire codebase is now based on the latest and most comprehensive major version of Rails. Our development and test environment has been running in Rails 6 for quite some time and our experiences with this are more than positive. We are convinced that the upgrade will Lees meer to support you and Webcamconsult solidly and reliably.
In addition, an upgrade will take place to a new VM based on Ubuntu 20 (20.04). With these patches and upgrades we expect a faster, more robust and safer system.

4. Webcamconsult iOS app update

The Webcamconsult iOS app has been updated as well (now version 2.14). For most users, the update will be automatic. If the auto update function of Apple devices is disabled in your organization, you must manually update the Webcamconsult app  before July 16, 2021. The new version of the app also works in the current Webcamconsult environment. The old iOS pro app (version 2.13) will not work after July 16.

5. Error messages and API

We have made information transparent to users as much as possible . These are logs and error messages, which should enable you to find a solution better, or have it resolved by Webcamconsult.
In addition, we have expanded and aligned our APIs for developers. A complete API for clients is now available.

6. For administrators

Specific logging and reporting.

  • Keep track of all events during the webcam consultation
  • Receive automatic suggestions for optimization
  • Mark erroneous appointments for "inspection"

7. For developers

Extension of API's.

  • Possibility to disable the standard e-mail function and replace it with your own e-mail system
  • A complete API is now also available for customers

Intermediate update Webcamconsult February 1 2021

New feature "Force start"
We heard from some users that they encountered problems with the waiting room functionality. Clients / patients would end up in the waiting room via "start consultation" (in the email) but were subsequently not seen by the practitioner / doctor or the start button refused service, so that the consultation could not start. That is why we have developed an extra advanced setting in anticipation of the next version update, which can be found under "My organization" - "advanced settings":

Force start appointments
If the client does not appear in the waiting room, an appointment can be 'forced' to start with this button. The button is available in the gray tile (under the name of the patient / client) in the waiting room. The practitioner then starts the appointment without the client. If the client then clicks on the link or enters the waiting room, it is immediately forwarded to the active consultation room.

The "force start" function also works in the latest version (2.10) of the iOS app for professionals,  available since Feb 10 2021


Version update Webcamconsult August 28 2020

It contains the following new functionalities and / or changes:

  1. Fixed translations of payment settings
  2. Usage graph based on reports
  3. Language related to browser language setting
  4. Calendar now clickable and draggable for appointments
  5. Appointments have configurable end time and duration
  6. Design update walk in widgets
  7. Design update booking widgets
  8. Update widget-wizards
  9. Drag own (mini) video picture when in session
  10. Realtime translations available in Chrome browser
  11. Realtime translations in subtitles and in  right section
  12. Default language added to payments
  13. Faster pre selection of clients for appointments
  14. Group consult - normal consult switch

Version update Webcamconsult October 28 2019

It contains the following new functionalities and / or changes:

  1. New languages ​​have been added: Italian and French. In total now 5 languages
  2. Expansion of online payment for consultations: in addition to Paypal and credit cards, the payment platform Stripe is now linked, whereby iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort and Giropay have been added as payment methods. More payment methods will follow later. Please let us know what you need.
  3. Screen sharing and file sharing is now optional. I.e. organization administrator can disable this functionality in configuration.
  4. It is now possible to add an online evaluation form without the intervention of Webcamconsult. This becomes visible to the patient after the consultation.
  5. A new subscription has been added for independent freelancers with limited functionality at low price
  6. Real time translation. In beta test we offer the possibility to translate the conversation through subtitles during a consultation, adjustable to language consultant (e.g. doctor) and language client (or patient). For now only works on Chrome browser (Windows)
  7. A large number of small improvements

Version update Webcamconsult May 11 2019

A large number of small improvements have been introduced and a number that offer really new functions. A description of the most important changes or new functions for users:

  1. Repeat appointments: It is now possible to book repeat appointments, e.g. a consultation with patient x at 10 a.m. every Tuesday
  2. Enclose personal message and attachments: You can add a personal text above the standard text for each new appointment. You can also send attachments with the invitation email for an appointment, for example a pdf with information. You can add this when creating or changing an appointment.
  3. Patient / client can book appointments themselves: New booking widget: this makes it possible to show clients a booking agenda for each practitioner on your website or portal. In the same way as for example with booking .com for hotel reservations, patients / clients can book a consultation with the desired practitioner on the desired date and time. In the dashboard, the availability of each practitioner can be stored in a calendar (timeslots) and you can set how many consultations are possible per hour.
  4. Apple app no ​​longer needed for patients: Support video in Apple browsers (Safari) for iOS and OSx. It is no longer necessary for patients / clients to download and install the app from the Apple app store for a webcam consultation. In the dashboard under "my organization" you can enable Apple (iOS) users to be served via the web from now on. Basically the same as it had been done before for Android. It is recommended that practitioners use the app if they want to use iPhone or iPad because they can then receive notification push messages (sound and text) as a warning that someone is in the waiting room, for example.
  5. NB! You do need to check the texts of your appointment / invitation emails when you switch from app to web. It often says that clients / patients must download and install the app.
  1. Switch camera: For a mobile user it is now possible during a consultation to switch from camera, from "selfie" to front camera. This is useful, for example, if the patient or client wants to show something in his / her home.
  2. API expanded: An API has been available for a long time for integration with your own applications. This is now connected to full functionality of Webcamconsult, which means that if, for example, you send an appointment to Webcamconsult via the API, it will also be included in the appointment mails. This mail function is only activated on request to Webcamconsult.

Version update Dec 1 2018

  1. Push messages in web browsers: Webpush has been added for  Android- and desktop browsers, i.e.. Webcamconsult status messages can appear in any browser. Up to now, these status messages were only available in mobile apps
  2. Brand new template! A new, advanced template is available for your digital consulting room. A full redesign with optimized screen usage and with added shared  tools like Google Docs and AWW Whiteboard. If you already use Webcamconsult you will need to switch to the new template. Use menu  'My organisation' and "Advanced settings" and find the checkbox for the new template. You can always switch back to the old template design. However,  to use shared tools you need the new template.
  3. E-mails: All e-mails (including extra users and quickconsult) are available for edit, and it is possible to set one default text set for all departments. When making appointments, you can now add 'custom' messages.

Version update Sep 1 2018

It involves a number of improvements related to bug reports and security rules. Most visible are:

  1. Login screen with security statement
  2. After logging in you see a message with date/time of last login
  3. More strict password rules
  4. More messaging
  5. Error messages are more clear now
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