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Are you a developer or supplier of software and/or communication solutions in the healthcare domain or business services? Do you provide a service where there is interaction between practitioners and their clients and patients? Then you have undoubtedly thought about offering video communication to your relations.

Generic solutions are not an option here because they do not respond to specific wishes of clients, are difficult to implement and often entail high costs. Then is Webcamconsult the outcome. Our specialized communication platform has been developed in collaboration with partners, practitioners and specialists. Within five minutes you have a fully functioning digital practice. Webcamconsult is easy to use for clinicians as well as patients and clients and available all over the world. The millions of successful video consultations and collaboration with hundreds of organizations are proof of a stable and entrepreneurial partnership. 

Innovate to optimize

Webcamconsult has continuously innovated since 2013 to connect specialists and clients safely and easily by means of low-threshold video communication. Our communication platform integrates effortlessly with other software and you can easily offer it to your relations with all associated functions by Webcamconsult to become a partner. All our services can be easily integrated within your own platform.

With extensive experience in developing screen care, we have solutions that make the difference. Webcamconsult is not an IT company, our founders are doctors in the Dutch Bravis Hospital. That is why our software has been developed with the focus on achieving the best results for practitioners and patients. Our development team is therefore continuously working on optimizing our system.

Accessible and optimal service for you, your relations and their patients.

Facilitate and earn more

Customer satisfaction and an interesting revenue model go hand in hand with Webcamconsult. For partners who do not yet have video consultations in the package, our organization offers ample upsell opportunities with an excellent revenue model. Our organization is a reliable and proven choice for partners who want to take the step forward in offering screen care. Webcamconsult is not dependent on investors and as a result we conduct an extremely transparent pricing policy without unexpected extreme price adjustments. We take our partners very seriously and do everything we can to make the relationship flourish. Partly due to extensive and personal support, customization and interesting conditions.

Contact us. We are happy to think along with you about your project

After investing almost 20 years in screen care, that's something you don't have to do anymore. Become a partner of Webcamconsult, generate income and offer your relations the ultimate communication platform in the healthcare domain. Please feel free to contact us. Send an e-mail to Vera van der Vliet This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 White label

With our white label solution you can Webcamconsult offer with your own logo and in the look & feel of your organization. This can be done on your own internet domain and from your own e-mail sender. Of course it is also possible to Webcamconsult expandable with industry-specific options (software), which we can develop and integrate for you. Webcamconsult is included as a module in your own platform. The user will then be able to start a video consultation directly from your application via 'single sign on' via Webcamconsult.

Own management environment

We offer our partners their own management environment in the cloud. You then create your customers yourself, choose from types of subscriptions and set their end date. For first-line support, it is possible to perform a number of actions directly via our partner platform.

Partnership benefits

  1. Developed and managed from the Netherlands (EU)
  2. No own development costs and risks
  3. Private property
  4. Stable and secure platform (ISO27001/NEN7510)
  5. Create and manage customers/users yourself
  6. Easy integration
  7. Customizable
  8. Choose your own rates

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