low-threshold video health care
  • Instant video consultation from your website
  • Book appointments online
  • Direct online checkout
Prevent waiting rooms full of patients and make it even easier for them by offering an online consultation hour or appointment module. They can schedule the appointment themselves and start a video consultation directly from your website. Handy for every patient/client and practitioner. Ideally suited for patients who are not mobile or who have to travel for a long time.

Your online walk-in consultation via video calling. Convenient, safe and simple!

All Webcamconsult subscribers can add a walk-in consultation hour to their website. It is also possible to have patients/clients book appointments themselves. Patients/clients can register via your website for an online walk-in consultation. The video consultation can start as soon as the practitioner is available. In this way, care is easily available in a way that suits you and your patients/clients.

The patient can see immediately whether a practitioner is available. If the practitioner is present, the patient waits in the virtual waiting room, where they can see how many patients there are in front of them. The consultation starts the moment the practitioner calls the patient in.

Direct a 
on your website
Self service

If you would like to allow your patients to schedule their own video consultations, you can do so using our appointment module. This is an effective way to avoid long lines. The practitioner or administrator determines the available time slots.

Adjust your online walk-in consultation to suit your needs. You can add different departments, create specific notices and use your own logo, colors and images.

Any website

This system, whereby patients can attend drop-in consultations and book their own appointments, works on any website. We’ve even developed special plug-ins for the popular content management systems (CMSs) WordPress and Joomla, which make it even easier for you to offer video consultations via your website.

If you wish, you can display the walk-in consultation via a pop-up window on your website or a specific web page. This way, visitors can see where they need to go for a drop-in consultation.

Popup or
No extra

The online walk-in consultation and the appointment module are included in your Webcamconsult license, so there are no extra fees.  


Since the therapist's work process is the focus, you can start webcam counseling immediately. Easy to use for therapists, clients and patients alike.



Webcamconsult is easy to integrate (via API) with your web applications, patient portals and (absence management) software. The corresponding authorisations can be set at departmental and employee level.


Send text messages to and chat with clients or patients securely in the online waiting and consultation room. Secure text communication with patients is possible via our app.
Video Calling

Start a video consultation during a walk-in consultation hour or by appointment. Patients can also book appointments online at times when the practitioner is available.


Online payment is possible via all standard payment systems.


& privacy

Webcamconsult is NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified. This protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

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