Online care for every practice

Any doctor or healthcare provider anywhere in the world can run a fully digital practice. Only an internet connection, computer and subscription to Webcamconsult  is necessary.
We offer an extensive package of digital tools specially developed for small to medium-sized healthcare practices.
With always up-to-date software and securely encrypted patient data on European servers, you can fully focus on your patients.

Boundaries disappear

Due to the full integration you will know Webcamconsult all solutions in house for a fully-fledged online practice. As a healthcare provider, our platform offers you plenty of room to differentiate. So you can focus purely on your local practice, or offer your services in other regions or countries. You can also start a virtual practice together with colleagues from different locations (also internationally).

video calling

A video consultation between practitioner and patient is easy to organise. This is simply done from the browser of a telephone, tablet or PC/laptop. After scheduling an online consultation, send Webcamconsult an e-mail or text message with the link to the online appointment. The patient receives reminders to ensure that the appointment is not forgotten. Patients can also start a video consultation themselves if you make use of the online walk-in consultation hour. In the waiting room you can see how many people are waiting. While waiting, it is also possible to display information so that the patient starts the video consultation well-informed. This can be done by adding video, audio or text.
The waiting room can be used simultaneously by several practitioners. Anyone who is released can 'call in' the patient and speak to them.

Anamnesis form

Webcamconsult offers the possibility to have patients complete an online history form or other questionnaires, so that the doctor has insight into the patient's health situation in advance. This saves time and ensures that the most important information is stored securely. The basis of the form has been developed in collaboration with doctors. It is possible to adapt the anamnesis form completely to your own wishes. It is possible to create multiple forms for different departments.

Appointments and payment

Patients can schedule appointments themselves at times that you as a practitioner determine. Of course you have the option to change the type of appointment.
A consultation can be immediately settled online with the patient. This is possible because Webcamconsult has a connection with all major payment systems.

Try it out without any obligations

You can try our care platform for a month without any obligation. The subscription will not automatically renew after this period and you are in full control.
All the functionality for a virtual practice for a very low amount per month per practitioner. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of our team that we work with Webcamconsult over the past 10 years with healthcare providers in many countries.Let your healthcare practice benefit from 10 years of knowledge and experience of Webcamconsult† Gained through collaborations with renowned healthcare providers from around the world.