Send your own online forms to patients

It is now possible to submit a questionnaire, such as an anamnesis form, to your patients when they are invited for a video consultation. You can create, change and delete forms via the menu item 'Questionnaires'. Different types of fields are available for these forms, such as uploading images. We provide an extensive anamnesis form as standard. This can serve as a template. When scheduling an appointment, you can choose which questionnaires should be completed by the patient.

It is possible to create a standard e-mail text for invitations and add a dynamic link (placeholder) to it. Via this link the patient will be taken to a patient portal page. Here the patient can fill in the form requested by the practitioner. If this is more than an hour outside the appointment time, a security button will be shown to request a pin code. With this, the patient receives the pin code by e-mail with which they can log in to the patient portal and fill in the form.

Questionnaire features

Dashboard menu Questionnaires

  • dynamic questionnaire editor (menu 'Questionnaires')
  • questionnaire parts:
    • Title, paragraph, text area, select, date, drop down selector, country, image
  • edit questionnaire (editor)
  • questionnaires per department
  • download questionnaires in pdf or txt format
  • copy/duplicate questionnaires
  • questionnaire previews
  • all answers have symmetric encryption (encrypted 'answer set')

Dashboard menu Appointments, Cliënten, Waiting room, Doctor's room

  • questionnaire selection option when creating an appointment
  • questionnaire announcement in appointment email
  • questionnaire insightful in various screens in the backend (clients, appointments)
  • questionnaire accessible from the consultation room
  • questionnaire status in all screens (new, started, ready)
  • default questionnaires are created at every organization


  • there is now an 'appointment portal' for patients
  • this is of course encrypted, post-mailable, with a temporary pin code for access to the patient portal
  • questionnaires are always available through the portal
  • other agreements can be viewed via the portal

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