Webcamconsult with your advisor or healthcare provider

For patients, clients, caregivers:


To Webcamconsult To make sure that everything runs smoothly, we have listed a number of things for you.

Webcamconsult by appointment

  1. Immediately after making the appointment, an e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you provided. We advise you to check as soon as possible whether this e-mail has arrived correctly (it may take a few minutes), if not please contact your contact person.
  2. You make contact 10 minutes before the agreed time by clicking on the link in the e-mail or text message. Depending on the type of device with which you want to perform the appointment, you still need to take action. See below.

Webcamconsult via walk-in office hours

On the website of your advisor or healthcare provider you will see the option to go to the online consultation hour of the person you want available. Fill in the requested information and click on the "waiting room" button of the chosen person, after which you arrive in the digital waiting room. Your advisor / healthcare provider sees that you have arrived in the waiting room and can call you in as desired: it webcamconsult begins! In the waiting room, the care provider can provide you with additional information, or ask if you want to pass on certain information.

Desktop or laptop

The program of Webcamconsult just works through your browser. We advise you to use Chrome or Firefox for the best quality. You can also use the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. In the email you received from Webcamconsult is a link. This link can only be activated around the time of your appointment (from half an hour before the appointment). After activating the link, your browser will start and you will automatically be taken to a digital reception/waiting area. The advisor or practitioner will then receive a signal and can see that you are logged in. In the waiting room you can test your camera, microphone and network. When the consultant or practitioner connects with you, your browser will ask for permission to use the webcam and microphone (at the top of your screen). After you have given permission, you will be connected and can Webcamconsult begin.

Smartphone or tablet

You just use your mobile or tablet browser (usually Chrome or Safari)

If you have been invited, open the mail via Gmail or Apple Mail on your mobile on tablet and click on the link "start your consultation" at the right time. You will then enter the waiting room where you will find further information and you can wait for your practitioner to welcome you into the digital consultation room

Do I have to pay for a Webcamconsult?

You don't pay for the service Webcamconsult, you only pay the costs of the adviser or care provider and any telephone costs if you webcamconsult over your mobile network.

Good to Know

  • You can also ask your practitioner, doctor or advisor for a webcamconsult.
  • With Webcamconsult you can also keep in touch with your therapist, doctor or advisor during your holiday.
  • For patients the usage of Webcamconsult is free of charge. here .
  • Your privacy is in good hands, read the privacy declaration for patients/clients who use the services of Webcamconsult.