Video consultations in hospital and healthcare institution

Unless a physical examination is necessary, every consultation can take place via an online video consultation. It saves the patient (travel) time, prevents waiting room stress and a conversation can take place in their own familiar environment. It is not without reason that more and more patients are asking for a screen consultation. Particularly for those who need long-term care, the burden is reduced by limiting physical check-ups. For this group of patients we have a very simple app for direct communication via video or chat. It is of course easy to add informal carers to the video consultation.

Extensive virtual waiting room

On the day of the video consultation, the patient will receive an automatic reminder via email or text message. Our experience is that the patient will almost always be on time for the video call appointment and will take place in the virtual waiting room on time.
Your own announcements and videos can be placed in the virtual waiting room to prepare the patient as best as possible for the consultation. These announcements can be set per doctor or department.

Advanced Speaking Room

In the consulting room, the practitioner has an overview of the patients in the waiting room. He can start a chat even before calling someone in. Webcamconsult is based on the current working method of healthcare providers. It is therefore also possible to alternate physical appointments with video calling appointments without losing time.

With Webcamconsult healthcare institutions are increasing their service level and the person in need of care is central. We help hospitals, independent clinics and other healthcare institutions to meet the goals of the NZa to significantly reduce the number of outpatient visits. We understand that adapting a working method in large organizations can be complex. That is why we think along with you about setting up pilots, or support you in scaling up. Our partners and support department are on hand to ensure that the integration runs smoothly.


Extensive configuration and integration options

Integration options: Webcamconsult has far-reaching integration options via message servers and or API integration with any EPD (Electronic Patient File) or PBL (Patient-Based Environment). Patients can use the patient portal in the patient portal that is familiar to them Webcamconsult† Read below how this works in practice.

Authorization Levels: Patient data is confidential and should only be accessible to the department or persons authorized to do so. Webcamconsult can be set in such a way that the authorization structure matches the wishes of the organization. Authorization levels for departments or employees can also be easily managed within our platform for larger organizations.

Privacy and security: Webcamconsult is very aware of the importance of privacy and security and is NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified. We are a Dutch company with servers in Europe. The video consultations are not saved automatically. This prevents information from falling into the wrong hands.

Suitable for less digital skills† A patient only needs to click on a link to participate in a video consultation. Webcamconsult works in the browser of a smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop. If a long-term contact is required, a handy App is available. People in need of care can app with caregivers and easily start a video call. Suitable for people who are digitally at the forefront, but certainly also for less digitally skilled patients.

Adaptable to your process and organization. With Webcamconsult you work with specialized Dutch software. We are continuously adding new functionality based on input from healthcare. If you have a wish that is interesting for all healthcare institutions, we will include it in the next update. That's the advantage of Saas (software as a service). All users benefit from the extensions. At the same time, we keep the system flexible so that it always matches the processes in your organization.

Increase ease of use and productivity by integrating with your EHR

This makes video calling the standard in your organization. 
Webcamconsult can be integrated with almost any EHR or patient portal:

1. Log in only once

If you are logged in as a practitioner in your EHR, for example HiX, we ensure that you do not have to register for a video consultation a second time. This is also known as an 'SSO' or 'Single Sign On'. In the EPD, the appointment is in the agenda for a Webcamconsult with the patient. In the menu click on 'Webcamconsult' You are now in the digital consultation room where you can see who is in the virtual waiting room. Then select the patient's turn and the video consultation will start

2. Record appointments in your EPD

Appointments for a webcamconsult are entered in the EPD in the same way as other consultations. You choose the for webcamconsultand applicable treatment code and the appointment appears in the practitioner's calendar.
The patient will immediately receive an automatic e-mail with the invitation. Another reminder will be sent on the day of the appointment. A web link is included in the email to the patient. This leads directly to the digital waiting room of the practitioner.

Webcamconsult has all the technical means to synchronize the data needed for a video call consultation in a simple and safe (NEN 7510, ISO 27001, AVG/GDPR) way. By means of our API and VPN SIU HL7 message server we can synchronize all appointment data with your EHR and thus provide the video consultation.

OPTION: sends after each consultation Webcamconsult a confirmation to the EPD so that the consultation can be registered on the status 'performed'.

3.    Webcamconsult in your patient portal

It is possible to enable patients via your EHR to attend a video consultation (via his or her patient portal). Webcamconsult has functionality to start the consultation within the appointment overview of the patient portal.

OPTION: Integrate the special Webcamconsult widgets to integrate the walk-in consultation hour into the patient portal. Each patient can then see who is available for a walk-in consultation hour and can then, after registration, visit the online waiting room of the desired practitioner.

Home care via Webcamconsult

The healthcare sector has changed a lot in recent years. We continue to live at home longer and stay in hospital for a shorter period of time. The attention of healthcare providers continues to be important. With the support of an online video consultation, a patient is quickly informed and advised without the need for a physical appointment. During a video call appointment with a home care employee or informal carer, he or she can also request the advice of a doctor. The practitioner joins in with the video consultation and the visual contact enables him to more adequately assess the patient's status and respond to it. Another handy option from Webcamconsult is that one or more informal carers can 'attend' a video consultation. This way everyone is aware of the patient's condition.


By doctors for doctors

In 2013, two dermatologists from Bravis Hospital in the Netherlands decided to develop their own online video consultation application. Central to this was that the application had to be very user-friendly for both the doctor and the patient. The practical work situation and the logistics of the doctor's consultation hours had to be left intact as much as possible. Today there is hardly any difference between a webcamconsult and a physical appointment. In addition, a webcamconsult simply reimbursed by insurers.