Webcamconsult: the government close by thanks to the webcam

A digital counter is the standard for every government organization. In a number of cases, personal advice remains necessary. Of Webcamconsult you can maintain the level of service to citizens without the need for a physical appointment. You can efficiently discuss changing circumstances, regulations with a citizen, guide him through a procedure, or, for example, provide online help with filling in a form. Pleasant for both the government and the citizen. You can easily share files. And by sharing a screen, you can still properly explain a complicated regulation or form. You simply increase the satisfaction of your citizens. A conversation via webcam: a good idea.

The online conversation: the benefits for citizens

  • No travel time
  • Partners can participate from different locations
  • Personal contact with government advisors (national, provincial, municipal)
  • Screens can be shared: calculations are so easy to understand and follow
  • No mobility issues
  • Also safe to meet in the evening.
  • Privacy is guaranteed
  • Walk-in consultation hours possible

The pro's of Webcamconsult for the government

  • You respond to the wishes of the citizens
  • You can expand your working area. Distances play less of a role
  • You do not lose travel time.
  • Webcamconsult is easy to try.
  • A thorough and proven cloud solution. Installing software is not necessary
  • Not unimportant: the costs are low

An online walk-in consultation can easily be added to your website

You can easily add a virtual walk-in consultation hour to your website. At times determined by you, citizens can get acquainted via your digital counter and submit their questions to you and discuss them interactively with you. Efficient and personal for both parties.

For every conversation with an expert in which written information is also shared, Webcamconsult an excellent alternative. Try Webcamconsult one month free and without obligation and experience the benefits.